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Guaranteed Move Program


What is Guaranteed Move? 

Guaranteed Move is a program exclusive to Metro Brokers in the state of Georgia that allows a buyer that wants to purchase a property but has an existing home that needs to be sold to complete the purchase of their desired home and sell their existing home within a short period of time after taking possession of the desired home.


How does the program work?  

Guaranteed Move is funded by a company based in Texas. The program is the funding engine and they evaluate the buyer’s existing home for possible purchase if necessary and to establish a “floor price”.  Upon approval of the existing property, the program equips the buyer as a non-contingent (cash buyer) to complete make the purchase.

The program purchases the desired property, the buyer enters into an occupancy arrangement(a short term lease). The buyer lists and sells their existing home with Your South of Atlanta Realtor, Metro Brokers Agent. Upon the closing of the sale of their existing property, the buyer also closes on the purchase of the desired home.

The program gets compensated a percentage of the sales price of the desired property at closing and the buyer is now officially the owner of their desired property without the hassle of a double move; the balancing act of selling while getting their seller to wait for them to sell and the heartache of missing out on their desired property due to the need for a contingency. 


What are the buyer’s qualification requirements for Guaranteed Move?  

The buyer must get a mortgage pre-approval letter from Metro Brokers Financial, our exclusive partner.  Complete the registration process of the Guaranteed Move program. The buyer must have their existing home evaluated by program to establish the “Floor Price”.


Does the buyer have to sign an Exclusive Buyer Brokerage Agreement with Metro Brokers?  

Yes, as soon as practically possible. 


If you think that the Guaranteed Move program may be right for you, do feel free to contact me to set up either an in-person OR virtual appointment to answer any of your questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you soon!