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Credit Report

Credit reports are key to helping you confidently protect and manage your identity. You can rest assured - reviewing your report does not negatively impact your standing or score.

Financial institutions, employers and insurers use credit reports to gain insight into your financial profile. Because they provide a record of your present and past credit use, credit reports may determine whether or not you will be offered credit, and on what terms. Inaccurate or fraudulent account information on credit reports can result in denial of credit, higher loan and insurance rates, and even rejection for employment. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has prepared A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you may also find additional information on their website

Understanding your credit score and the factors that impact it will prepare you to make the best possible decisions for your financial future. Want help reading your report? We've prepared a quick educational guide for you: How to Read, Use and Act on Your Credit Report. If you find inaccurate information on your report, you may contact one of our Credit Specialists to help dispute this information directly with the credit reporting agencies.

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Checking account fraud is a growing crime. To protect your identity and financial assets, it's a good idea to review your checking report every year.

Your checking account report contains checking and deposit account information, including general account history, check fraud incidents, non-sufficient funds activity, and other reported activity or information related to your use of checking and deposit accounts.

Checking account reports are compiled and maintained by Chex Systems, Inc. To receive your checking account report from Chex Systems.


What information is included in the report?

The purpose of checking account reports is to let financial institutions know whether or not they should let a person open a new account. The information they examine includes:

  • Repeated account overdrafts
  • Uncollected fees
  • Suspected fraud
  • Suspected abuse of debit card, ATM card or other tools
  • Falsified information on the application


What to do about a negative listing

If you find inaccurate information on your checking account report, you can dispute this with Chex Systems. If they determine the information is incorrect, it may be expunged from the record.

To dispute a negative listing, submit your dispute in writing to:

Chex Systems, Inc.
7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100
Woodbury, MN 55125

You can also request that a personal statement of the dispute be added to your file.

What does it mean if my account has been flagged?

If your checking account report has been flagged by Chex Systems for unpaid fees, overdrawn accounts, suspected fraud, or any other reason, it is a strong indication of fraudulent activity and usually means your private information has been compromised. Visit our Identity Theft Restoration page to learn what you can do to reclaim your stolen identity. A report that contains this kind of negative information can also cause financial institutions to deny you check writing rights and other requests.

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Your ScoreCasterIQ Credit Report includes detailed analysis that goes beyond a typical credit report or credit score simulator. We show you the impact each credit account may be having on your credit score, as well as a personalized plan that helps you decide the actions to take to address accounts that may be having a negative impact.

As you review your report, pay close attention to any highlighted items. These pieces of data are most likely to impact your score so it’s important to look these over carefully. Something as simple as when your account was last reported active can have a surprising effect on your score.

If you have never reviewed a credit report before, check How to Read, Use and Act on Your Credit Report, our handy guide to deciphering your credit report. And if you are curious about your rights as a consumer, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has prepared a summary of your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. You may also find additional information on their website

Reviewing your report regularly is very important; it’s an easy way to keep updated on changes or any activity that may seem suspicious. You can rest assured - reviewing your report does not negatively impact your standing or score.

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ScoreCasterIQ provides a thorough analysis of your credit report. Review the recommendations below for a list of actions you can take that may positively impact your credit score.

These recommendations cannot consider all the aspects of your unique personal financial situation.
Consider talking to a financial advisor before making any final decisions or implementing any credit score management strategy.

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